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  • Brett Louderback

Can you handle the truth?!

We are being told 52% of our prescription spend in our pharmacies will move to “specialty” in the next 2 years. Those costs will vastly outweigh any reduction in rebates. He can move the needle a bit, but isn’t this just going to be a smaller piece of a bigger pie? Manufacturers and PBMs are only part of the problems, funding CMS for Medicare and Medicaid is the real elephant in the room. We all know pharma funds much of it, but who is speaking about that side of the transaction? Correct me if I am wrong. They double tap the system. 1st under the Medicaid Best Pricing system where manufacturers actually do have constraints placed on them as to how they mark up, but also pay CMS for every drug distributed and 2nd when they receive massive rebates as the nations largest sponsor of prescription drugs. I for one would enjoy seeing the full transaction revealed, but as Colonel Jessup climatically exclaims, “You can’t handle the truth!”

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